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Hot Tub Weekly Cleanse: 3-in-1 Water Clarifier
Hot Tub Weekly Cleanse: 3-in-1 Water Clarifier
Hot Tub Weekly Cleanse: 3-in-1 Water Clarifier
Hot Tub Weekly Cleanse: 3-in-1 Water Clarifier
Hot Tub Weekly Cleanse: 3-in-1 Water Clarifier
Hot Tub Weekly Cleanse: 3-in-1 Water Clarifier

Hot Tub Weekly Cleanse: 3-in-1 Water Clarifier

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3-IN-1 WEEKLY CLEANSE is the perfect, chemical-free way to treat your hot tub.

Everything is included to keep your portable hot tub or swim spa running at optimal performance and minimize the buildup of inanimate contaminants:

  • One (1) Hot Tub¬†Weekly Cleanse¬†32 oz. (946mL) bottle. Includes 16¬†weekly treatments.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Designed for all types of hot tubs, our Weekly Cleanse works to keep your hot tub feeling fresh and inviting for every soak.

Keep it always feeling like new between Detoxes with our one-time-a-week treatment that combines hot tub cleaner, conditioner, and clarifier to give your hot tub water a soft & silky feel plus sparkling clean water!

It's safe to use with your existing chemicals to clean your shell and water weekly so you can enjoy those long satisfying hot tub sessions all the while knowing you are giving your system a gentle clean every week!

Our concentrated formula lasts up to 3 times longer than other similar hot tub cleaners.


  • It helps keep the water sparkling clean and clear all the time.
  • Your hot tub water will look, smell, and feel even better!
  • Compliments with your existing hot tub sanitizer. Whether it's chlorine, bromine, salt, minerals, or any other sanitizer on the market.
  • One dose is enough to maintain water clarity for 7-10 days.
  • Hot Tub Weekly Cleanse¬†is safe for septic systems.


If this doesn't keep your hot tub clean as the day you bought it, or you're not completely satisfied for any reason with the Swim University¬ģ water care products, we'll issue you a complete refund. No hassle, no interrogation, no problem. It's as simple as that.¬†Contact us here.


  • Is this product safe on my hot tub? Will it bleach it out?¬†This product does not contain bleach or any harsh chemicals that'll cause bleaching.
  • Where is this manufactured?¬†It's made and packaged in the United States of America.
  • Does this system work with inflatable hot tubs?¬†Yes! Both cleaners will work in ANY type of hot tub.
  • Will this system work in saltwater hot tubs?¬†Yes! This system is safe to use with any sanitizer including chlorine, bromine, mineral, saltwater, and biguanide.
  • How long do I have to wait to soak after using this product?¬†We recommend waiting at least 2 hours after adding the product to soak in your hot tub.
  • Does Weekly Cleanse replace my sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, etc.)? No. Weekly Cleanse is simply a water clarifier and conditioner. While it helps keep your water clear, it does not sanitize the water. So you still need to use a proper sanitizer like chlorine or bromine to kill bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Would I use the Weekly Cleanse instead of shock or in addition to shock?¬†In addition to shock. It's not an oxidizer. It's a water clarifier and conditioner. It helps keep the water clear and the condition keeps your skin from drying out.
  • What chemicals are in this product? You can read our product safety data sheet here.

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