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The Only Pool Maintenance Manual You'll Ever Need

The Pool Care Handbook is an illustrated guide to DIY pool care, including water chemistry, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more. Stop wasting time and money with confusing chemistry and mundane maintenance. Order your copy today!

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The Pool Care Handbook

The Pool Care Handbook

An illustrated guide to DIY pool care, including chemistry, maintenance, troubleshooting, & more.


This book shows how to keep your pool clear all season long with lots of pictures to make it easy. Learn how to save money and enjoy more pool time without big costs.

The Pool Care Handbook covers inground or above ground pools. It even includes chapters about saltwater and small Intex® pools.

Inside this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your water balanced and sanitized so it’s always ready to swim in.
  • Effortless cleaning techniques so you don’t break your back.
  • Have to save money and energy running and caring for your pool all season long.
Paperback Book

335-Page Paperback

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When you order the Pool Care Handbook, you'll receive a digital custom pool profile sheet, so you'll know exactly how your pool works and what it needs.

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Pool Care Handbook Bonus
Section 1


Understanding Your Pool’s Systems and Equipment

One of the most valuable things you can do to care for your pool is to understand how each component of your pool works. In this section, you’ll learn about:

  1. Pool Anatomy 101: Learn about the main sections of your pool and how they work, including inground and above ground pools.
  2. Pump and Filter Systems: Understand common pool plumbing and equipment, and map out how water flows through your pool’s system.
  3. Your Pool Profile: Create a simple profile of your pool, equipment, and water flow for future maintenance or troubleshooting.
Pool Anatomy
Section 2


How to Maintain Good Water Flow

Without good circulation, your pool water won’t make it to your filter. And that means unsanitized water and spots for algae. In this section, you’ll learn about:

  1. Your Pool’s Water Flow: Understand the flow of your pool water based on your pool shape, size, skimmers, and return jets.
  2. How to Improve Pool Circulation: Learn other tricks for increasing water flow and boosting circulation in your pool.
  3. Circulation Action Steps: Create a simple map of your water flow, label valves and pipes, and adjust your return jets.
Section 3


How to Keep Your Pool Surfaces and Water Free of Contaminants

Keeping your pool clean and free of debris is a crucial step to preventing larger issues like cloudy water and algae. In this section, you’ll learn about:

  1. The Simple 3-Step Cleaning Schedule: Learn what type of cleaning your pool needs and how often you’ll need to do it.
  2. Skimming, Brushing, and Vacuuming: Identify the best cleaning equipment and the best practices to make it easy. Learn how to clean other surfaces and special equipment, like heaters and salt cells.
  3. Cleaning Action Steps: Create a simple cleaning schedule and a list of equipment you want to purchase or upgrade.
Pool Cleaning
Section 4


How to Keep Your Water Balanced and Sanitized

Pool chemistry can seem complicated at first, but it becomes easier. A little knowledge and a simple routine is all you need. In this section, you’ll learn about:

  1. Water Testing: Learn how to test and read your results to determine which levels need adjusting. Plus, how to add chemicals and in which order.
  2. Balancing and Sanitizing: All the chemical levels you need to measure and the roles each chemical plays in your overall water balance.Compare sanitizers, including different ways of adding it to your water.
  3. Additional Chemicals: Learn about optional chemicals you can add to improve your water including how regular shocking helps prevent algae.
Water Chemistry

The Pool Care Handbook Also Includes...

Pool Heating and Cooling

Heating And Cooling Your Pool

Extend the length of your pool season or cool your water. In this section, you’ll learn about different types of pool heaters, how solar covers trap in heat from the sun, and how to cool down your water with aeration.

Salt Water Pool Maintenance

Salt Water Pool Maintenance

Salt water pool maintenance involves the same core principles as other pools. And the pool anatomy looks the same, with the addition of a salt water system installed right before the water returns to your pool.

Intex or Smaller Pool Maintenance

Intex or Smaller Pool Maintenance

Small pools have a lot of the same needs as larger-sized pools. In this section, you’ll learn specific tips for Intex pools or any type of smaller above ground pool with a pump and filter system.

Pool Opening and Winterizing

Opening and closing a pool is easy to do on your own if you know what steps to take in what order. You’ll learn when to open and close, and how to open and close your inground or above ground pool properly so you can save money.

Off-Season & Year-Round Pool Care

Off-Season & Year-Round Pool Care

Unfortunately, the responsibilities of pool ownership don’t end when swimming season is over. It’s important to continue caring for your pool during the off-season (fall, winter, and early spring) to ensure a successful and clean opening.

Troubleshooting Water & Equipment

Troubleshooting Water & Equipment

Something always goes wrong. But you’ll know how to fix it. This section covers algae (green, yellow, and black), cloudiness, foam, stains, bugs, air bubbles, clogged plumbing, leaks, filter pressure issues, and so much more.

Perfect For Pool Owners and Businesses

The Pool Care Handbook is the perfect choice whether you already have a pool, moving into a new home with a pool, or having one built. It’s also great for businesses to educate customers and their team. Choose any package that fits your needs.

Here's What Customers Are Saying About The Pool Care Handbook

Lesia Reynolds Verified Purchase

There is absolutely everything in that book one would need to know about taking care of a pool!!! I consult that book for everything about my pool - chemicals, cleaning, start up, maintenance, etc. And I bought that book as a gift for a friend who is a new pool owner.

Edward Schrader Verified Purchase

Just started..., a couple chapters in (as I am anticipating two new pools to care for and maintain) ...and I find this book a simple, very easily understandable read. Your work is giving me confidence that I will be able to do the job.

Beverly Wilder Verified Purchase

Every possible scenario is covered with easy tips. I switched to a better filter and learned to do the chemicals to keep my pool fresh and ready all year long.

Paul Costinett Verified Purchase

Very good book. I take it outside every week when I test water. Replaced my paid service with it.

Ray Adams Verified Purchase

This handbook has helped me to avoid hiring a pool care company and manage my equipment and water chemistry myself. This was a huge money saver.

Sandy McGrath Verified Purchase

The book makes it easy to find what I'm looking for. The tips and directions are easy to understand and follow. And it helped me to keep algae at bay.

John Dobrzeniecki Verified Purchase

First year with a pool. The handbook is helping me create a routine to help me care for my pool. Very easy to use and understand.

Matthew Brunner Verified Purchase

The handbook is very informative. It really helped me to understand how the care for my pool. It helped me understand how to add my chemicals effectively and how to deep clean my D.E. Filter.

Doris Russell Verified Purchase

I read it everyday, I need to learn how to care for our pool. I find it easy to follow and understand. From dark green to clear and beautiful.

Iftekhar Ali Verified Purchase

Good information. A must for home owners who do their own pool maintenance. Saved on hiring a maintenance guy.

Christina C. Verified Purchase

I purchased the book for my husband and he loves it! It's easy to understand and extremely helpful, my pool is almost not green!

Noel Cuellar Verified Purchase

It was easy to read and understand. I find myself referencing the handbook to understand pool water chemistry and equipment better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the book, shipping, and returns.

I'm concerned the information might be outdated or not relevant to my pool. How current is the content?

It reflects the latest in pool care advancements and trends. It covers a broad range of pool types and setups to a wide variety of pool owners. If you don't get the answers you're looking for, we'll gladly offer you a full refund.

What if the handbook doesn't address my specific issues?

Our handbook covers a broad spectrum of pool care topics (including salt water pools). You'll find solutions to your specific issues. Plus, if you don't get the answers you're looking for, we'll give you a full refund.

I'm not very technical. Is the handbook easy to understand?

Yes! Our guide is written in clear, simple language to ensure every pool owner can understand it. Download our sample chapter above to see for yourself.

How do I know I can trust the information in the handbook?

Swim University® has been providing pool care information since 2006. Matt Giovanisci has been in the pool industry since 1993. Our guide was written and illustrated by an industry expert with decades of experience. Moreover, we have numerous testimonials from satisfied customers who have successfully implemented our strategies and recommendations.