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The Pool Care Handbook

The Pool Care Handbook

One book to fix all pool problems for good.

  • Pool Care Simplified: Our big book shows how to keep your pool clear all season long with lots of pictures to make it easy.
  • Save Money: Taking care of pools can be pricey. But with our tricks, you can save money and enjoy more pool time without big costs.
  • DIY Expert: Don't wait for others to help. With our book, you can be the pool expert. Learn about your pool, how to fix things, and keep it clean.
  • For All Pools: The Pool Care Handbook covers inground or above ground pools. And even includes chapters about saltwater and small Intex pools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this book cover the type of pool I own? it covers every type of swimming pool including inground (concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass), aboveground, and Intex/Quick-Set pools.

Will this book help me if I have a salt water pool? Yes! There's a whole chapter just on salt water pools. This book covers every type of pool, no matter what you choose to sanitize your water with.

Is it available digitally? Yes! We will send you a digital version once you buy the paperback book. Currently, we do not offer a digital-only option.

Is there an above ground version? This book covers both inground and above ground pools. And it also covers small Intex, quik-set, blow-up, and stock tank pools. In other words, it covers every type of pool on the planet.

Does the book talk the use of Ozone? Yes. The book covers every type of sanitizer used in swimming pool care including chlorine, bromine, minerals, Baquacil, saltwater, UV, ozone, ionizer, and more!

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

Allen Rabideau

I bought the Handbook to help me understand how to take care of my pool. It explained everything! I feel confident now I can do this on my own. The book is great and I've marked for several pool maintenance tasks.

Lori Murphy

We've had an inground pool for seven years, and I never really understood my water chemistry. After reading the book, my pool has never looked better! Now I am confident of maintaining my pool and the chemistry properly.

Susanne Brueckner

I am a new pool owner. And before I bought the Handbook, I was overwhelmed by all the contrary information online. It was frustrating! It's great to finally have just one consistent guide that explains things step by step.