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The Pool Care Handbook

The Pool Care Handbook

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Whether you’re new to pool ownership or need help troubleshooting a problematic pool, The Pool Care Handbook is the ultimate guide to help keep your pool sparkling clean throughout the year. It's a 335-page, fully illustrated paperback book containing everything you need to know about correctly handling your pool.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Balance your water chemistry without wasting money.
  • Prevent algae and cloudy water.
  • Maintain sparkling clean pool surfaces with minimal effort.
  • Understand your pool equipment and plumbing.
  • Easily troubleshoot water and equipment issues.
  • Open, close, and maintain your pool without hiring help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this book cover the type of pool I own? it covers every type of swimming pool including inground (concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass), aboveground, and Intex/Quick-Set pools.

Will this book help me if I have a salt water pool? Yes! There's a whole chapter just on salt water pools. This book covers every type of pool, no matter what you choose to sanitize your water with.

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