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Hot Tub Filter Cleanse: Deep-Cleaning Soak

Hot Tub Filter Cleanse: Deep-Cleaning Soak

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Soak your hot tub filters in our deep-cleaning Filter Cleanse solution, rinse with water, and your filters will look brand new in 24 hours!

Hot Tub Filter Cleanse is a powerful, deep cleaner that removes body oils, lotions, and other organic materials from your hot tub filter cartridges.

  • Make Your Hot Tub Filters Last Longer: Cleaning your filter(s) using Filter Cleanse will improve efficiency and keep your water crystal clear while saving you money!
  • Clean Your Filters Fast: it leaves no slimy residue on your filters that cause foam and cloudy water.
  • Works Any Time: Whether your hot tub needs a deep cleaning or wants to maintain excellent water quality, Filter Cleanse will help keep your water in perfect condition. Ideal for commercial and home use. This cleaner is meant to deep-clean your filter(s) every time you drain and clean your hot tub with Detox.
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